Diva Talk Radio Giveaway as Promised

On today’s Diva Talk Radio, our guest Duong Sheahan (http://healthybeautysecrets.com) gracious agreed to give away TWO books by The New York Times best selling author Jordan Rubin.

Book #1: Perfect Weight America (Duong’s testimony is on Page 139)


Book #2: The Great Physician’s Prescription for Children’s Health


Okay, here’s what you need to do in order to enter the drawing.

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  3. Post another Tweet on Twitter, but this time say this “@krclaypool says @DuongSheahan ROCKS!” — you can add anything addition if you would like.

See, I told you it would be fun! 🙂

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I can’t wait to read all of the Tweets and Comments.

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Twitter – Keep or Release (Diva Rants)

In today’s Diva Rants, let’s discuss followings on Twitter.  Like thousands of other folks, I enjoy Twitter.  I love to interact with people that I most likely would not meet face-to-face.  I enjoy hearing about their lives, their children, their pets, and their businesses.  I enjoy learning from my friends on Twitter.

Likewise, I enjoy sharing my life and my businesses with my Twitter followers.  I have quality things to share with others and have made many wonderful connections.

With that being said, I’ve just learned of a site where you can find out who is and is not following you. (http://dossy.org/twitter/karma)

Boy, what an eye-opener! It was rather interesting to find that people whom I’ve grown to respect are not reciprocating the following.  I find this to be utterly RUDE! Why should I spend MY time reading that you’re drinking coffee or playing with your dog when I’m doing the same thing and you haven’t given me the courtesy to share my doings?

Well, my time is just as valuable as the next gals, so I’ve decided to “release” those who are not following me in return. That way, when spending 2-3 hours reading other peoples Tweets, some valuable and others just gibberish, at least I will know that my Tweets are getting equal exposure.

And that’s today’s Diva Rants!

Until next time…wear your heels well,


P.S. Would love to hear your rants about this topic! Be sure to leave a comment.

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To Twitter or Not to Twitter…That’s the Question

Recently, I read a Twitter post from someone whom I have grown to respect and I was somewhat perplexed by her Tweet.  She said, “is Twitter for me or is Twitter for someone else?”  Then in another post she said, “should Twitter be me focused or others focused?” These posts got me thinking.  In the world of Social Networks, the ultimate goal is to…well, “socialize”…build relationships of sorts…create friendships with folks that you would probably never meet face-to-face. While building these relationships you learn who you can trust and who you think are a scam.  Believe me, the true colors usually come out in various ways.

For example, just the other day I read a post about a teleseminar that sounded interesting to me.  The gal who was being interviewed is someone that I have recently started to follow and am interested in what she has to say.  She is considered to be an expert in an area that I am fascinated with, so I elected to sign up for the teleseminar.  Well, to my surprise and extreme disappointment, the autoresponder that I received back did not have the link to listen to the teleseminar but a link to purchase the series for $77.00.  This really annoyed me.  I knew that this gal had no control over this but felt that she should be made aware of it since she was promoting the teleseminar.

This self-proclaimed “I went from flat broke, down & out to super successful, inspired, internationally recognized author and speaker” found a way to make an extra buck or two by not providing a link to the teleseminar but a link to his sales page about the series.  This is slimy and makes me question his guys integrity.  Because of this, I choose not to follow this guy.  I’m sure he could care less whether or not I follow him, but if more people would stand up and make him accountable for what he does, then perhaps he will pay attention and change his ways.

After contacting the gal who was being interviewed, I did receive a replay of the interview.  She said that she would talk to the interviewer about this “glitch” and get back with me.  So, we’ll see what happens and I certainly will keep you informed as to the outcome.  My sincere hope is that this was a true glitch in the system and not typical in the way this guy runs his business.

So, back to my first story about whether or not Twitter should be “me focused or others focused”.  If it is truly a relationship building tool, why can’t it be both?  When you gain someone’s trust, they are interested in what you have to say.  There needs to be balance in your Tweets. If you are always trying to sell something, you will more than likely lose followers. Personally, I don’t give those the time of day if they are always cramming a product down my throat. However, once you gain my trust then by all means tell me what you have to offer and more than likely I’ll buy from you.  Why? Because you’ve taken the time to build a relationship with me.  Plain and simple.

Twitter can be an excellent tool for both business and personal reasons.  But there needs to be balance, sincerity, integrity, and down-right honesty in your posts.  Being transparent will gain the respect of many and that’s a wonderful thing!

I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment.  And follow me on Twitter, too!

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A Ghostwritten Ebook for Free…can it be true?

Hello Divas! I have some exciting news for you.  So put on your competitive stilettos and keep reading!black stiletto

Okay, first things first…I normally do not enter contests for many reasons, but mostly because I don’t have time to jump through the hoops that are required for many of them.  With that being said, this contest really caught my eye.  As many of you know, I work at least 80 hours a week for clients and find little time to complete my own projects…THAT’S why this contest made me sit up in my chair and pay attention!

Here’s the deal…I have to promote this gal’s website.  After reading about her, I have no qualms about promoting her.  She is a determined woman business owner (perhaps a DIVA) and a mom.  Qualities that impress me.  Oh yeah, she’s a Realtor to boot! 🙂

Well, she has set guidelines in which to win the contest and one of the requirements is to post a blog about the contest.  Now, once you hear about what Tina McAllister has to offer, you are going to leave this blog and jump on the competition bandwagon.  I know you are so don’t try to hide it from me!  Just do me a favor and leave me a comment or a Tweet on Twitter (@krclaypool) that you read about the contest on my blog.  Plus, tell Tina that you heard about her contest from me.  It won’t get me anything, but she will at least know that I’ve spread the word for her…you know shouted it from the mountaintops!

In brief, here’s what you get:

The prize:

A ghostwritten ebook (max 25 pages…if you need one that’s longer, then we can work something out at a discounted rate) for your business. Any topic. But no adult content. That’s just not my thing. And if it’s crazy scientific or something, then you need to bring some research to the table. I’ve got an MBA. I’ve written on everything from credit to health care to the gloriousness of baby booties. But I’m not here to write your next physics paper or something.

Prize value:


For specifics on this contest, visit this link: http://tinyurl.com/krclaypool

Okay, okay, okay, before you click over as fast as you can to Tina’s site, make sure you join me on Diva Talk Radio this Wednesday for my 1st series of Creating an Effective Business Plan.  This is the first of four in the series.  You can sign up for my Action Guide at BriefcaseDiva.

Now GO!!! Head on over to Tina’s site…sign up and start earning points. Go on, you know you want to! Just tell Tina hello for me. 🙂

Until next time…wear your heels well!


P.S. What are you still doing here? Go on…scoot!!