Can You Say “Fart” Without Laughing? (Repost)

I am re-posting this blog because the link in the last post did not work.  The poem in the blog that I am referring too is just WAY to funny to not share it with you. So, here it goes again!


OMG Divas! I am laughing so hard that my belly hurts! You see, I needed a break from working on a client’s project so I went “blog surfing”. Upon my journey, I stumbled upon this guy’s blog that caught my attention. The title to his blog was Scratch N’ Sniff.

Well, I’m of the age where I remember the stickers that you could buy that were…well, ‘scratch and sniff’. It brought back many wonderful childhood memories of collecting the stickers and putting them into my sticker books. I just loved my sticker books. I treasured them. Then finding my pesky little brother tearing them out one by one…I just wanted to kill him, but I knew my mom would get mad and I would be in BIG trouble…I always seemed to get in trouble over my brother because I was the big sister and I had to set the example. Oh wow…where was that going? Do I need therapy? I think I went back WAY too far in my childhood memories. Ouch! Sorry about that…okay back to my funny finding!

stinkyWhen I started to read this “Scratch N’ Sniff” blog, I found that he wrote a poem about Thanksgiving night. You just have to read this blog. It’s classic! You will laugh so hard because it rings true in EVERY relationship. Brian Shaw certainly has a way with words and this is a blog that I will certainly bookmark!

Thanks Brian for being so creative!

Now, go visit Brian’s blog and be sure to leave him a comment and tell him that Kelli Claypool sent you his way. I don’t get any brownie points for sending you but at least he will know where you came from. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Until next time…wear your heels well!


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