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Well, I didn’t move, but my blog did.  The Diva Blog has been upgraded and is now self-hosted.  So, I personally invite you to visit my new location at


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Looking for a VA or Wanting to Outsource?

Today on Diva Talk Radio, we will feature several VA’s (Virtual Assistants) and Women Business Owners who will share stories, answer questions, and give tips on how to successfully outsource.

Our guests are Tammy Munson of http://NewMediaVA.com; Shannon Smith of http://AppetiteForDesign.com; and TishiaLee of http://TishiaSavesTime.com.

Plan to join us as we chat with these gals.

When: Today, February 18, 2009 @ 2:00 p.m. EST

Where: http://blogtalkradio.com/DivaTalkRadio

Until next time…wear your heels well & I’ll see YOU at the show!


Breaking News – This Just In

Our Featured Guest on Diva Talk Radio today, Tammy Munson, has just announced that she will be offering a special discount to all of our Diva Talk Radio listeners.  What’s the discount you may ask? It’s a secret!

So, join us on Diva Talk Radio as Tammy shares her passions in business, the ups and downs she’s gone through and how she overcame typical obstacles that come with business ownership.  I guarantee that you will be encouraged and uplifted by this truly outstanding woman! Plus, you get a discount too!

When:   February 11, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Where:  Diva Talk Radio (http://blogtalkradio.com/divatalkradio)

Our interactive chat room will be open 10 minutes before airing the show, so log in early as we are expecting a huge crowd!

Until next time…wear your heels well & I’ll see you at the show!


Tammy Munson is our Featured Guest on Diva Talk Radio

Recently, I started a new segment called A Truly Outstanding turlyoutstanding2Woman.  The purpose of this segment is to spotlight women who are making a difference in those around them.  These are women who are successful entrepreneurs and work long hours, yet they find the time to encourage and help others.  So to me, that’s A Truly Outstanding Woman!

This week on Diva Talk Radio, I am thrilled to have Tammy Munson as our Featured Guest.  Tammy is by far A Truly Outstanding Woman.  Her dedication as a military wife is motivated by her passion for other military spouses and families.  Because of this dedication, Tammy has created a site to help military spouses thrive and keep their own identity while living the military life.  Along with said site, Tammy blogs about her military life at Army Household6 as well as several other military spouse-focused blogs as an contributing blogger.

tm_avatar1In addition to her gig as a military wife, Tammy is a mom of 2 daughters, runs a profitable business, NewMediaVA, is the founder of Business and Learning, she serves as the Colorado Installation Ambassador for Military.com, Technical Coordinator for ParentsZone.org,  founder and coordinator for HelpAServiceMemberOut.org and Military channel Editor for BlissfullyDomestic.com.

Whew! This woman wears me out with all of her involvement.  As you can see, Tammy certainly fits the label as A Truly Outstanding Woman!

So, join us on Diva Talk Radio as Tammy shares her passions in business, the ups and downs she’s gone through and how she overcame typical obstacles that come with business ownership.  I guarantee that you will be encouraged and uplifted by this truly outstanding woman!

When:   February 11, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Where:  Diva Talk Radio (http://blogtalkradio.com/divatalkradio)

Our interactive chat room will be open 10 minutes before airing the show, so log in early as we are expecting a huge crowd!

Until next time…wear your heels well & I’ll see you at the show!


P.S. Be sure to tweet about this show on Twitter! (@krclaypool, @reginasmola, and @tammymunson).

Diva Talk Radio Canceled for Tomorrow

Dear Loyal DTR Listeners,

Please be advised that the Diva Talk Radio Show has been canceled for Wednesday, February 4, 2009.  This is due in part to severe ice storms currently affecting Kelli’s area.  Since the show is broadcast live on thedtr-mug-front-large Internet, there is a very good possibility that she may not have electric.

Therefore, because your time is valuable, we felt that it would be better to cancel the show than you have you schedule yourself to listen.

However, we have an awesomely-incredible Featured Speaker for the following week, February 11th. So, stay tuned for more exciting information to come.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to having you join us on Wednesday, February 11th at 2:00 p.m. EST.

So, until next time…wear your heels well!
Kelli & Regina

Guest Blogger Alaina Frederick Regarding CPSIA

Alaina Frederick of Dinkers & Giggles is our Guest Blogger. Thank you Alaina!

I want to ask you to take a moment and look around your room. How many items do you see for your kids that were made by you, friends, perhaps bought at a fair or online. How many are homemade or made by smaller companies?

If your house is anything like mine then you have lots of wooden toys, handmade animals and stuffed items, wall decor, clothing, cloth diapers, shoes, hats, scarfs, car seat covers, the list could go on and on that were made by work at home parents or smaller companies. High quality items made with love and attention that no machine or oversea factory can duplicate.

Now all the beloved toys, shoes, pretty hair ties and amazing wall decor are in jeopardy of no longer existing as well know it. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is beginning on February 10th, 2009 to enforce new testing laws. As I understand it the new laws will make it so that a hair bow that Sally Jane makes and sells for only $5 will cost her hundreds of dollars to have it tested for lead. Sally Jane uses ribbon and barrettes that she buys from hobby stores and crafts it into beautiful and cute bows for your little girls hair.

Now with this new test Sally would have to pay $75+ for that ONE bow to be tested. I don’t know about you but a $75+ bow for a little girls hair is a little much. It will cause numbers upon numbers of small businesses and hobbiests to no longer do what they love – loosing a source of income and even jobs for the larger of the small businesses. I’m hardely even touching on the snowball effect that this will have, not to mention the millions of dollars worth of product that is already made that will be retroactive under this new law that will be thrown into landfills.

What can you do to help? Still confused as I am?

Join me Wednesday January 28th 2009 at 2pm EST at http://blogtalkradio.com/divatalkradio and listen to some special guests who will help clear up all of this mass amount of information.

Want to act now? Make just 3 phone calls and your voice will be heard!

Call One: Call Rep. Henry Waxman and ask the receptionist to postpone the CPSIA deadlines! Tell them you know only he has the authority to make it happen!
(202) 225-4434

Call Two: Call Nancy Nord of CPSC and ask for help and guidelines for your business under CPSIA
(301) 504-7901

Call Three: Call Chairman of Commerce Com. Senator John D Rockefeller IV – they are fighting for us and let them know how you feel (202) 224-6472

Visit http://child-safety.blogspot.com for more information

Alaina Frederick

Dinker & Giggles
Natural Parenting Info & Product Reviews

New Show Coming Feb 5th 2009!

Fifth Avenue Web Solutions
Web Hosting & Affiliate Management
— New Site To Be Launched 2-1-09–

Winter Weight Gain – Why Does It Happen And What Can We Do?

Winter weight gain is a common complaint of many people. It seems that every winter we add a few pounds, and come summer we don’t lose them all again either. A few of them always stick around, making us a little heavier every year. They seem to be very hard to lose extra pounds! Why does this happen and what can we do?

There are many contributing factors. First, it seems likely that we have a genetic disposition to store more fat as winter approaches. Many animals do this and it was probably vital to survival for our ancestors. Extra layers of fat on the body protect us against the cold and then can be used as fuel in the late winter and early spring when food stocks would historically be very low. We probably have a tendency to eat more in the fall, when food is plentiful after harvest time, to help this process along. We may also unconsciously choose foods that are higher in fat content at this time.

Hormone levels can also influence our weight gain. The interaction of hormones and other chemicals in the brain can bring about variations inbathrooms_household_180658 appetite and cravings. Some neurotransmitters can also influence the way we eat. People who are overweight often have low levels of these neurotransmitters and the results can include excessive appetite, depression and sleep disorders. At the same time, the lack of daylight caused by the shortening days during late fall and winter can bring on seasonally affected disorder or winter depression.

One of the quickest ways to give a boost to the energy levels and emotions is to eat high carbohydrate foods including sugar treats, chips and cereals that give us a fast blood sugar ‘fix’. So people who feel low in the winter will tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods, leading to weight gain, more depression and a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

So altogether there are many reasons why we eat more high carbohydrate foods such as cookies, pies and chocolate in the winter, and of course most of these foods also contain high levels of fats. The best way to handle this is generally to substitute other foods that are also high in carbohydrate so that we get what our body craves, but which have low fat content and plenty of fiber. This means potatoes, wholegrain bread without butter, wholegrain rice, cereals, and fresh whole fruit.

It is also important to take more exercise. Often our physical activity levels drop in the winter and we have a tendency to want to stay home and rest. This is natural when it is cold outside. But we are not cavemen! We have heating in our homes and can be sure that there will still be plenty of food in the stores come February. We do not need to stow fat the way that they did. Sign up with a gym or get a stationary bicycle for the den. Transform those carbs into energy now instead of keeping it on the waistline until spring. Winter weight gain is easily avoidable this way.

Until next time…wear your heels well!


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