Looking for an Intern

I am looking for an intern who desires to be in business for themselves and is willing to exchange work for hands-on training and coaching.

Here are my requirements for the Intern:

¨      A 90 day commitment (at least 15 hours a week);

¨      A Nondisclosure Agreement will be required;

¨      A positive attitude with the eagerness to learn the ins and outs of running a successful home-based business;

¨      Knowledge of various email and Instant Messaging programs;

¨      Familiar with Word;

¨      Extremely detailed and organized;

¨      Has a clear understanding of what a “blog” is;

¨      Has unlimited long-distance;

¨      Has a Yahoo Instant Messenger account (or willing to create one);

¨      Diligent and efficient in completing work on a timely manner;

¨      Ability to follow instructions and complete a project;

¨      Does not mind doing some grunt work;

¨      Willingness to accept positive and negative feedback;

¨      Understands the importance of effective networking;

¨      Familiar with Aweber;

¨      Professional, hard-working, and resourceful;

¨      Excellent communication skills (oral and written) is a must;

¨      English is native language;

¨      Creative thinking, fun and energetic.  A sense of humor a plus!

Tasks may include (but not limited):

¨      Answering emails;

¨      Posting blogs;

¨      Contacting guests for radio talk show;

¨      Sending newsletters via Aweber;

¨      Proofing articles/blogs;

¨      Following up on comments;

¨      Posting updates on various networks;

¨      Research;

¨      Setting up various accounts;

¨      Personal assisting

A brief history about me:

I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and currently run several successful businesses.  However, my success did not happen overnight, as I’ve made some knuckle-headed decisions that ended up in disaster and business failure. However, I got back up, dusted off my knees and started over.  You cannot be a champion if you give up after the first failure. If that were the case, Donald Trump would not be where he is today.  Every successful person has a failure or two along the way; it’s what you learn by those mistakes and decisions to transform who you are today.

I hold several licenses, including a Florida Real Estate License and a Florida Mortgage Brokers License.  I have won several awards including Who’s Who for Women Business Owners; Multi-Million Dollar Club (Real Estate); Top Producer; Top 100 Women in Business Tampa Bay; just to name a few.

I am demanding inasmuch as I expect your best. Perfections is not necessary but a goal to achieve.

My overall desire is acquainting you with the reality of business ownership while performing various tasks. I’ll teach you and you perform for me. It’s a win-win situation and can be considered a success for the both of us.

If you are interested in interning for me, please do the following:

¨      Send me an email with “I want to be your intern” in the subject line. Email to Kelli[at]BriefcaseDiva.com.

¨      In the body of the email, give me a brief summary of your experience, skills, strengths and weaknesses (we all have them, so this is not a trick question)

¨      What do YOU expect to gain from this arrangement (in other words, what are your goals to achieve?);

¨      Why do you feel that I should choose you as my intern?

Honesty is the key here. I’m not looking for someone who knows it all, just someone who is dedicated in learning to be successful.

I look forward to hearing from you!