The Roof Is On Fire

I’ve just learned that one of our very own has had a tragedy in her family. Yesterday, Regina Smola’s son, Will, was still in bed when his roommate let him know their rental home was on fire. We are very grateful that the roommate was awake and home, as I would hate to think about the possible alternative. If the fire was not enough, his car had recently broke down and he just started to save money to purchase another one. Bless his heart!

Fortunately, Will was able to grab his laptop and a few clothes before running out of the home, however everything else was lost in the fire. This includes towels, sheets, utensils, toiletries, furniture, etc.

Let me tell you a little bit about Will. He’s 22 year-old young man, who is very loving, a wonderful big brother, works full-time, and has a huge passion for life. He also has a real passion for music. He started playing guitar when he was 2 y/o and hardly puts it down. He is now in a band and hopes to get signed one day. Growing up, Will was a very adventurous kid and smart. He always received good grades in school, making his mother very proud. There’s not a day that goes by that Regina doesn’t talk about her boys.


As you can imagine, Regina is extremely upset about this news and feels helpless because she lives so far from Will. Because this is such a great kid and works so hard for what he’s got, BriefcaseDiva & Diva Talk Radio has agreed to sponsor a Will’s Fire Fund. If you feel led to donate to the Will’s Fire Fund, please do so as it would greatly be appreciated. Or if you would like to contribute by purchasing household goods, please do so as well.

We have put a donate button as well as an Amazon Wish List for your convenience. If you would like to contact Regina personally, please complete our contact form and your message will be redirected to her personally.

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Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers as this young man struggles with this hard time. Our listeners and friends of BriefcaseDiva & Diva Talk Radio are simply the best!

Until next time…wear your heels well!