What a refreshing hike. There’s nothing like getting out into the fresh air to clear your head. Now ready to get back to work!


Lacing up the boots for a hike in the woods. Needing a brief time away from the computer. I shall return shortly!

Ahh, Friday! Today: 4 client calls, finalizing 2 web designs, 3 blogs, and then taxi driver for the boy’s “first date”.

Time to take ‘the boy’ (son) to football practice. Championship game is on Saturday. Go Raiders!!

Another note to self: Remain positive…no room for stinkin’ thinkin’ here! Repeat 10 times.

Trying not to dwell on rude people. Note to self: Life is good, I am victorious, I am a conqueror, I am blessed!

Putting on a sweater, brewing some intensely strong java, and going to finish my to-do list for the day. Give me a ‘hello’ shoutout my tweets! 🙂