Woke up to 49 degrees of fresh country air. Grabbed a sweater, put son on bus, let puppy out to run, and now ready for work. Enjoy your day!


Puppy training kicked my butt so I went shopping to heal my wounds! It’s amazing how a new pair of shoes will turn that frown upside down! heehee!

I am determined to start dog training today. Rascal, our black lab, is so darn cute, but his puppy teeth hurt! Wish me luck!!!

I am finishing a Joomla! website for the client today, then going 4-wheeling with my son. Work first, then get dirty…yeah baby!

Right now, I’m talking about affiliate marketing with Kelly McCausey.

Join me at 9pm EST tonight for 1st Steps to Affiliate Marketing for Newbies http://ping.fm/nv4SB user: Your Name pass: go

What a beautiful country morning! Son’s on the bus, cup of strong coffee in hand, and now I’m ready to work. Top of the list, writing a new blog. Will chat soon!